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Virtusa Corporations Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021
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Hello Geeks, I am going to share My Interview Experience AT Virtusa Corporations.

This was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive for Virtusa. There were 3 Rounds in the Drive.  

  1. Coding Round
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Each was an elimination round. There were 2 positions:

  1. Normal recruit 
  2. Power Coder

ROUND 1: Coding round consisting of  5 sections. Time Limit 3 hours.  

Section 1 – HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT (difficulty- Easy to Mid) 10 Questions.

  • There were Questions on different tags their output some special tags like Ruby tags, Rt tags were asked and javascript selectors and operations.

Section 2 – Core Java Concepts (difficulty – Mixed) 40 questions.

  • This section was quite hard and had many conceptual questions on java, output codes questions.

Section 3 – Database (difficulty – easy – mid) 10 Questions. 

  • Questions were mostly from SQL join statements and some queries. 
  • Not hard anyone with a basic of SQL would solve them.

Section 4 – Basic programming ( difficulty – easy to mid) 4 questions.

  • Mostly questions on the array and string manipulation with some hashing. 
  • The questions were easy for me. it depends upon your preparation and coding skills. 
  • I got it all correct. everyone who does at least 2 questions here and was relatively good in the above 3 sections was selected for the Normal recruit.

Section 5 – Advanced programming (difficulty – medium(depends on you) ) 3 Questions.

  • 1 question was based on series of. Given 2 integers and the series instruction as each number in the series was made by adding (1) sum of all numbers in the series till another number where the ith bit is set if the ith bit in the last number is unset. I got 6/12 test cases in this.
  • Other 2 questions were on Dp one was based on LIS concept and another DP on strings.
  • For Power coder, you have to do good in all the first 4 Sections and at least 2 Questions in the Last sections.
  • ALmost 450 students from entire Techno India Group crossed the first round and only 50 from them for Power Coder.

I Got selected for the Power coder Position and after 2 days My technical interview was scheduled.

P.S – The test was in java only. Although I code in C++, I had done java till class 12 so I was able to write the codes correctly.

Round 2: This Round had the most eliminations and would have been better if I had good proficiency in java.

The interviewer asked questions from Html, CSS, JavaScript

  • preprocessor of CSS, Inline and block-level elements. Can we have a block-level element in an inline element.
  • Difference between link and anchor tag.
  • How to link Javascript in HTML pages and where was the best position to link it. 

Next they asked about java 

  • JVM, JRE, JDK. Their difference
  • different types of access specifier their scope.
  • packages.
  • Garbage collector.
  • some basic questions on array and Arraylist.
  • a simple code for 2nd largest element in an array.
  • OOPs concepts.

Next they asked

  • Some SQL Queries
  • questions on Join and view.

This Round was for 25 min only.

I was selected for The HR round the very next day.

Round 3(HR): This round was the easiest no technical stuff just questions about me and my ideas and projects.

  • In the end, he asked me for my preferred location and told me I would be informed Via my PPO after the whole process of interviews was over about my selection in August 2021.

The major Rule to pass all rounds is to know the basics of web technologies and coding till DP.. and a good foundation in Java and  OOPs will be a lot beneficial. Also, make a habit of coding in java as that was the only language available for coding rounds.


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