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Virtual Reality Vs Immersive Technology

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  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2020
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It’s time to learn Immersive technologies.

    Short notes on Virtual Reality :

  • It is a computer generated simulation of alternate world or reality.
  • The focus of virtual reality is on simulating the vision.
    Important points on History of VR :

  • This journey began when Morton Heilig invented the first VR system called SENSORAMA in 1957.
  • Heilig also patented a head-mounted display device, called the Telesphere Mask, in 1960. Many inventors would build upon his foundational work.
  • By 1965, another inventor, Ivan Sutherland, offered “the Ultimate Display, ” a head-mounted device that he suggested would serve as a “window into a virtual world.”
  • Later term Virtual Reality was coined by Jaron Lanier in 1987 during his research.

How does VR work :

The focus of virtual reality is on simulating the vision. The user needs to put VR headset screen in front of his/her eyes. Therefore, eliminating any interaction with the real world. In VR, two lenses are placed between the screen. User needs to adjust eyes based on individual movement of eye and it’s positioning. The visuals on the screen can be rendered by using a HDMI cable connected to PC or mobile phone.

Uses goggles, speakers, and sometimes handheld wearables to simulate the real-world experience. In virtual reality, you can also employ visual, auditory, and haptic (touch) stimulation, so the constructed reality is immersive.

Applications of VR :

  1. In educational field like Facebook Horizon which helps to study with fun.It makes learning immersive and more engaging.
  2. In business like, VR can help architects show their projects to clients as virtual reality enables clients to see what their future property will look like. VR is immersive, so potential buyers can take three-dimensional walkthroughs and better understand what each property has to offer before visiting in person.
  3. Gaming –
    VR technology is used to build and enhance a fictional reality for the gaming world.The gaming industry has already embraced this technology – for instance, you can connect the PlayStation VR headset to a PlayStation console and enjoy VR experiences.
  4. Military –
    VR can use by the military for flight simulations, battlefield simulations, etc.
  5. Medical Field –
    It is also becoming a primary method for treating post-traumatic stress, offers a safe environment for patients to come into contact with things they fear i.e in medical field. It helps doctors better understand their patients’ needs. VR technology also comes in handy for surgical training.
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