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Video to Audio convert using Python

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2020

Prerequisites: Python Programming Language

There are several libraries and techniques available in Python for the conversion of Video to Audio. One such library is Movie Editor.

MoviePy can read and write all the most common audio and video formats, including GIF, and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux, with Python 2.7+ and 3 (or only Python 3.4+ from v.1.0)


To install the Movie Editor Library, open terminal and write :

pip install moviepy

Note: This module automatically installs FFmpeg. However, you might prompt to install in some cases.

Installing FFmpeg


  • Download the build from here.
  • Unzip the build in any folder.
  • Open the CMD with adminstrative rights.
  • Run the below command for setting the environment variable.
    setx /M PATH "path\to\ffmpeg\bin;%PATH%"


Write the below commands in the terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media  
sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg  
sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins


# Python code to convert video to audio
import moviepy.editor as mp
# Insert Local Video File Path 
clip = mp.VideoFileClip(r"Video File")
# Insert Local Audio File Path"Audio File")



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