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Version Control in Project
  • Last Updated : 16 Apr, 2020

The procedures and tools are combined by the version control to manage different versions of configuration items that are created during the software engineering process.

A version of the software is a collection of software configuration items (source code, documents, data). Each version may be consist of different variants. Version control activity is divided in four sub-activities-

  1. Identifying New Versions :
    A software configuration item (SCI) will receive a new version number when its baseline has changed. Each previous version will be stored in a compatible directory like version 0, version 1, version 2 etc.

  2. Numbering Scheme :
    The numbering scheme will have the following format-

    version X.Y.Z .... 

    The first letter (X) denotes the entire SCI. Therefore, changes made to the entire configuration item, or changes large enough to warrant a completely new release of the item, will cause the first digit to increase.

    The second letter (Y) Denotes a component of the SCI. This digit will sequentially increase if a change is made to a component or small changes to multiple components.

    The third letter (Z) denotes a section of the component of a SCI. This number will only be visible if a component of an be divided into individual sections. Changes made at this level of detail will need a sequential change of the third digit.

  3. Visibility :
    The version number can be viewed in a frame, or below the title. The decision for this depends on the decision of the group to code all documents for a frame enabled browser or allow for a non-frame enabled browser.
    In either case, the number will always be made available.

  4. Tracking :
    The best way to keep track of the different versions list is with the version development graph shown in figure.

    For example, if we required to keep track of every updated project schedule then we could assign a version number each time a change was made.

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