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Veritas Technologies Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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Veritas visited our college for campus hiring for two roles: FTE + 6 months Internship. Only 6 months Internship.

Round 1: Online Test on HackerRank

  • 15 MCQs on OOPS, CN, DBMS, and Basic programming (pointers, find the output of a program, .andTwo coding questions
  • Reverse an array without using extra space and in-built function. (I used revere() fun in python, which was a one-line code)
  • Rolling string ( In this problem my 9/12 test cases passed, the 3 test cases were failing because the code took more time to execute them.
  • You need to do both the questions with all test cases pass as told in other interview experiences, but I was lucky that I got shortlisted for the next round.

Suggestion: I would suggest doing practice from sites like GeeksforGeeks and Leetcode will give the confidence to solve problems.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

Time: 40 mins.

  • The round started with the basic introduction of myself and then he asked me about my projects since I had mentioned them in my introduction.
  • He asked me basic questions regarding the technologies which I had used in each of my projects. He told me to choose a subject which I like, I told Operating System since the company mentioned in the pre-placement talk that they were looking for a candidate who has a good understanding of OS.
  • Some of the questions which were asked: Difference between Windows and Linux-based operating systems?. What functionalities does each of them provide which the other doesn’t have?.
  • Do we have a kernel in windows?.
  • Is Linux-based OS more secure than Windows OS, and why?
  • Suppose you have an old Desktop PC, can you use its RAM on another modern Laptop?.
  • Why did you choose to learn German? since I had mentioned that in my resume.

Suggestion: You should be very thorough regarding the projects you have done. I was very confident regarding my projects since I had done a good study before any interview I stepped in. The technologies which you have used, you should be clear why you had used that particular tech stack.

This round went really good and after an hour I got an email that I was selected for the next round.

Round 3: Managerial Interview

Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

  • He introduced himself and told me about the different domains the company is working in and then he told me to introduce myself. The interviewer was very friendly and gave hints in different parts of the interview.
  • He told me to explain some of my projects which I did it very well. I also mentioned what were the areas where I could have done it better, I mentioned the loopholes and also told the alternative solutions, he seemed to be impressed.
  • He asked me about my 2-months of summer internship which I had done in Bajaj Finance Ltd and my role was of a Software Tester so he asked me few basic questions like-
  • What type of testing had you done?.
  • How did you perform testing? what things did you test?.
  • How is testing important in terms of product development?.
  • What is Postman?.
  • How did you report Bugs?.
  • He then asked me questions on Data Structures and time complexities. Different situational-based questions were asked. You should have a good understanding of all the data structures and use your presence of mind to select which is the best fit for a particular application. The important thing to note is, the interviewers are not looking only for the right answers but they are looking for your approach, which you would use to solve a particular problem.
  • He asked me one Computer Networking question- Difference between OSI and TCP/IP model?.
  • He then asked me about my strengths and weakness. He was expecting a genuine answer and not the answers which we had prepared. Like other students, I had also answered a prepared answer but later he started laughing and told me to answer honestly and he was quite happy because I was honest and answered nicely.

I was quite nervous since I took a lot of time answering situational questions but luckily I got an email and I was shortlisted for the HR round.

Round 4: HR Interview

Time: 20 mins.

  • The HR was very friendly and asked me to introduce myself. She asked me about my experience with the whole process. She asked whether I want to do higher studies or not? She then explained to me about the work which Veritas does and asked which domain I would like to work in ?. She asked me what I knew about Veritas? I was very confident regarding this question since I had already prepared for this question.

Suggestion: Always use the opportunity to ask the question whenever the interviewer asks that, Do you have any questions? This shows how much interested you are, in a particular organization. Around 10 pm, I got an email saying that I was shortlisted for FTE + 6 months internship role. I would like to thank GFG for its beautiful learning resources which made my placement process easy.


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