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Veritas Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2021
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Round 1: Online Assessment

  • Hacker-rank platform (20 MCQs on computer science subjects (Computer Network, Operating system, DBMS) + 2 coding questions – medium level)

14 students got selected for the next interview process

Round 2:Technical Interview

Time: 50-55 min

  • Started with an introduction
  • Asked about projects, how I did it, asked one test case like what will happen if I enter this, how I would extend it
  • Asked some coding questions on the linked list
  • check if the linked list is palindrome or not
  • how to find the middle of the list
  • how will you find if the length is even or odd etc, time complexities
  • Find loop in a linked list
  • Remove the loop
  • Asked me to rate myself out of 10 for os, computer network, c, c++, java, DBMS, etc.
  • Diff between c and CPP/java – mainly oop concepts
  • Explain all oop concepts
  • Storage classes in c and explain them
  • Asked one puzzle (gave some hints too but only thought process and approach was considered – the puzzle was if there are 10 machines producing capsule of 1 gm one of them is damaged what is min weight required to find that machine with the minimum usage of machines)
  • What are pointers? made me explain whatever I know about pointers
  • What are threads, diff between process and thread
  • Thread synchronization, mutex, semaphore, etc
  • How does the program run like the phases compiler loader linker etc
  • How will you display only the last 10 lines of a file/code on the terminal in Linux (cat command and something)
  • What is SQL
  • Where to use MySQL and MongoDB
  • Why MongoDB
  • Asked me about polymorphism
  • Overloading and overriding etc
  • In the end, if I had any questions for him

Round 3:Managerial Round

Time: around 50 min

  • It was taken by a senior manager
  • First, he greeted me and asked me to introduce myself
  • Asked me about family background
  • Asked me about one project
  • Strengths, weaknesses, my biggest achievement, and failure, etc
  • Then he opened ppt it had many puzzles
  • Asked 4-5 puzzles made me explain why and how also gave some hints
  • One puzzle: Given the figure of two triangles (drawn between two parallel lines having the same base), with uniform painting speed which triangle will take lesser time to paint
  • One c++ code snippet (empty class and creation of objects, copy constructor, etc.)
  • Some basic oop concepts (encapsulation and polymorphism)
  • One more puzzle – you live on the 20th floor, your friend visits you every day but takes the lift till 10th floor only and after that goes by stairs till the 20th floor but while going down takes the lift from 20th floor till the ground. why does he/she do that?
  • Then asked me if I have some questions for him
  • It was different for different people. Some people were asked about technical things only like projects etc.

Round 4: HR Round

  • Some basic hr questions

Finally, 2 people got selected

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