Veritas Interview Experience | Set 5 (For Experienced C++ Developer)

Round 1: HackerRank Test

Two coding questions were given , which needs to be solved in 1 hour. Very simple level questions.

  1. Given a string, find the first even length word and print it.
  2. Given two numbers , find the minimum operations to be done to make two numbers same. In one operation a digit can be incremented or decremented by one.

Round 2: Technical discussion

Lots of C++ questions :

  1. Vtable and Vptr implementation.
  2. Function overloading vs overriding
  3. other basic C++ questions
  4. Algorithm Questions:
    • Reverse a linked List
    • Remove duplicates from a string
    • a recursive questions on linked list(don’t remember exactly)

Round 3: Algorithm Discussion 

Algorithm question:

  • Given an array of integers and a number , find the sub-array with maximum elements whose sum is less than equal to given number

Puzzle :

  •  Standard 25 horses and minimum race problem.

Round 4: Hiring Manager

Discussion on current role, projects, aspirations.

Questions like why do you want to change, what are you looking for etc, standard HR questions.

Also current CTC and expected CTC, why you think you deserve it etc.

This is it guys. Hope this helps in your preparation !!!

Best of Luck!!!


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