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Veritas Interview Experience | Set 1 ( On Campus )

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Veritas visited our college for campus hiring. The selection process included aptitude tests, 2 tech interviews, and an HR interview.

The aptitude test was on hackerrank. It had 20 MCQs based on cs concepts (database:btree, os, HTML form one que), basic math (no of solutions for p^2 = n+q^2 ), etc and 2 coding questions. There was negative marking for MCQs and solving one coding question was important.

1st tech interview (1Hr):
They asked me which languages I am comfortable with. I chose C and Java.

2nd tech interview (1hr 15 min):
They asked my favourite topics. I said Data structures and DBMS.

  • basic python questions strcmp
  • Function is given string arguments which are names of function of a class call those functions from this function. eg. consider function as fun(method1,method2) and class is c so fun should call method1 of class c.
    I didn’t know the answer.
  • Inorder tree traversal using recursion and iterative.
  • Data structures for BFS, DFS.
  • Given an array of elements (millions of elements) return the second highest occurring element.
  • you are given a string say “this is a book” and reverse function and output should be “book a is this”
    Ans:reverse string and then reverse every word.
  • Order of compilation, relocation, linking and loading
    Examples of polymorphism
  • Which data structure can be used to reverse words in file?
    int arr[5]; printf(“%u%u”,arr+1,&arr+1); output?
    They asked me if I knew Perl. I said no.

HR interview:
Background, Areas of interests(technical), Why Veritas?, What do you know about Veritas?

Finally, they selected 9 people out of 29 and I was one of them.
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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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