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Veritas Interview Experience (On Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020

Veritas visited our college for hiring. There was 1 apti round,1technical,1 managerial round and lastly HR round.

The aptitude test was on hackerRank and consist of 20 mcqs and 2 coding questions on core CS subjects like DSA, OOP, DBMS, CN, OS.

The coding questions were of medium level (Strings and Array) based and GeeksForGeeks is sufficient for mcqs.

There was no negative marking.

12 people were selected for the interview rounds which were on the same day.

Interviews were held on Webex.

Technical Round questions :

 Tell me about yourself?

Q> When memory of object is created and about memory storage

Q> References and why to use them?

Q> Difference between pointers and references

Q> static keyword and real life scenario

Q> namespace

Q> dangling pointers ,smart pointers ,function pointer ,null pointer ,void pointer ,pointer to pointer.

Q> overloading v/s overriding

Q> templates

Q> constructors and destructors (can they be overloaded )

Q> latest version of cpp

Q> friend function and where it is used (eg : overload + operator to  add int and x

Q> which is an int type variable in an object ) and real life example.

Q> types of constructors and what types are provided by the compiler in different cases.

Q> copy constructor (shallow copy and deep copy) and problems with shallow

Q> copying (dangling pointers).

Q> abstraction vs encapsulation , real life example , cpp implementation.

Q> virtual keyword and diamond problem

Q> pure virtual functions and abstract classes (why to use them?)

Q> difference between i++ and i=i+1

Q> deallocate memory without using free( use realloc with size 0)

Q> Favourite datastructure ,discussion on all ds that i have used

Q> Have you ever opened #include<bits/stdc++.h>

Q> Difference between vector and list

Q> Ds to be used in situation (if data is in stream and output should be in ascending order , least recently used cache , most frequently used cache and others were very basic)

Q> A string in

n , find out the max occurring element

Q> To check singly linked list is a palindrome or not (o(n) and o(1))

Q> To find out nth element from the last

Q> To delete a node when a pointer is given (and discussion on why  don’t we use it in general)

Q>  Is it possible to implement Queue using 1 stack?

Q>  Any Questions?(I asked 2)

Managerial Round Interview Question :

Q>  Tell me about yourself

Q>  What you like the most and doesn’t like in the recruitment procedure

Q>  Why you choose IT and not CS


gt;  Difference between IT v/s CS

Q>  Technology i have worked on

Q>  Explain any one project and detailed discussion on that

Q>  Which languages i know and in which i am comfortable

Q>  Multiprocessing and Multithreading

Q>  Have you ever seen 2 processes working simultaneously and exchanging data(client-server)

Q>  Inheritance, types , problem with multilevel and solution

Q>  How to get data of one  class in other (friend class)

Q>  Do you have any questions for me? I asked him 2 questions

HR Round Questions :

Q>  How was the 1st technical interview? What are the questions you were not able to answer and are you able to answer them at this moment.(Basically they wanted to know whether i searched for the questions i was not able to answer)

Q>  Why should we hire you?

Q>  Do you have any questions for me?

2 were selected finally

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