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Veritas Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Veritas visited our capus  on 5th Aug 2020 (Considering COVID situation whole interview process was virtual using WEBEX platform). For those who dont know veritas,It is a product based company which provides enterprise storage solutions to almost all fortune 500 companies. There main domains are storages and operating systems. The interview process can be rated as moderate based on difficulty. The interview consisted of total 4 rounds.

Aptitude Test(60 minutes):

It was a 1hr online test consisting  of 2 Coding questions and 20 MCQ questions.It was conducted on Hackerrank platform. Image proctoring was used to maintain discipline. There were two coding questions out of which one was easy and another was a bit tricky. 

  1. Merge two arrays in Sorted order.
  2. Number of steps required to convert a binary representation of given decimal number to zero
    • if 8 is the given decimal number then number of steps required to convert 1000 into 0000
    • you can change current bit only if all the preceding digits are zero.

Most of the students solved first question . 20 MCQ’s consisted of core  CS fundamentas sucha as Object  oriented, Operating systems ,Data structures ,Some output based C,c++ questions. Total 240 students appeared for the test out which 60 were selected for next round.MCQ’s  had equal importance in selection process.

Technical Round( 60 minutes):

It was a pure technical round based on thorough understanding of CS fundamentals like Data structures,OS,C/c++. The interviewer was energetic and was quiet friendly . The round started typically with tell me about yourself question (Be prepared). After that he asked me 2 puzzles

Since these were the common puzzles I answered them correctly then he asked to rate myself in c on the scale of 1 to 10 and started asking questions on c fundametals.

Then he started asking few questions based on Data Structures .Questions were based on linkedlist ,trees.He first asked the approach then asked me to write algorithms and dry run my approach.

  • Merge sort on singly LinkedList
  • Detect and Remove loop in linkedList
  • Linked list node structure using structures and classes
  • Find Middle of linked list
  • Iterative pre-order,postorder traversal of BST.

Then he started asking few questions based on Operating systems .Simple basic Questions based on concurrency control , use of mutex & semaphore .The whole moto of technical round was checking understanding of CS fundamentals .If you know the answer tell it confidently & Use your words carefully they will keep asking questions based on your answers .If you dont know the answers simply tell the interviewer dont try to fake the answer. The round was pretty much tricky he tried to confuse me by asking various questions . Out of 60 around 30 were selected for the manegerial round

Manegerial Round(50 minutes)

Whole focus of this round was to check your problem solving skills. The interviewer was interactive . He had 20+ years of experience. The interview started with formal introduction. He asked few question based on the projects.He was curious about my project started asking question in depth .Asked few question about android since my project was android based. Almost 20 minutes we had this discussion based on projects and corresponding technology stack. Then he started asking few questions based on operating systems.

  • Difference between 32bit and 64bit operating system
  • Can we install a 32 bit application in 64 bit operating system ? and vice versa.
  • Memory allocation system and there types
  • Paging in detail
  • Few questions based on physical address space and logical address space.
  • Page table and inverted page table
  • Number of trailing zeros in 125! (This was kind of puzzle)
  • Few Technical questions based on c and c++

There were some manegorial questions as well .He first started asking about my extra curricular activities and  management experiences in club activities.

  • Difficutlies Faced in projects
  • Strengths and weaknessess
  • What do you Know about Veritas ?

and some typical HR and Manegorial questions. The Manegerial Part was easy whole selection was dependent on performance of technical part . Out of 30 only 20 made it to HR round

HR Round(20 minutes)

The HR round was there next day .The interview was taken by senior member from HR team He asked few questions based on project .Some Questions from HR round are stated below

  • Tell me about Yourelf?
  • Why Veritas?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • IF your manager is competative in nature what is your opinion about it
  • Brief discussuion on various aspects of projects and internships
  • What technolgies are you comfortable with ?
  • Benefit of previous internships while working with Veritas

The HR round was pretty much typical .Whole focus was on checking soft skills and Thought process. Same day after HR round they announced the results  .14 out of 20 were selected and I was one of them.(They chose few candidates with full time job + internship and provided internships to rest which will be converted based on performance).

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Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2020
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