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Veritas Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

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  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021
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Online test on HackerRank: 20 MCQs on OS, OOPs, CN, Pointer in C, CPP.

Two Coding questions :

  1. Swap array without extra space and inbuilt function. 
  2. Rolling string (roll-characters-string)

Technical Interview: This interview lasted for 1 hour.

First 15 min he questioned me on my projects. Then he asked me to rate my skills out of 10 ( DSA, OS, CN, OOPs, DBMS)

  1. What are data structures?
  2. Why and where do we use DSA?
  3. What are the functions of the Command line calculator in Linux
  4. What is a command-line calculator
  5. What is the ‘bc’ command in Linux (Then he explained to me the functions of the Command-line calculator and asked me how will I implement it (I answered the linked list)
  6. What is a linked list?
  7. Write code for insertAtEnd, insertAtFirst, DisplayLL for Singly Linked List.
  8. What are processes?
  9. Difference between threads and processes?
  10. What are locks?
  11. Different types of locks?
  12. Difference between mutex and semaphores?
  13. What is spin-lock?

And then we had some discussion about technologies he has worked on.

Managerial interview: This interview lasted for about 45 minutes.

Discussion on projects

  1. What are processes and threads?
  2. Logic to check if singly linked list is palindromic without extra space in O(n).
  3. Difference between MySQL and NoSQL?
  4. Atomicity and consistency relation in NoSQL.
  5. How to did you achieve atomicity in NoSQL?
  6. How did you achieve atomicity in firebase?
  7. A thorough discussion on projects.
  8. Discussion on Technology stack.

HR Interview:

  1. Questions on family background.
  2. Why Veritas?
  3. What do you know about Veritas?
  4. What change would you like in our society?

Note: All the interviewers were very friendly in Nature. All the test cases must be passed for both the coding questions. Prepare trees and linked-list thoroughly. Also, prepare OOPs and OS in depth. 

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