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Veritas Interview Experience | On-Campus

Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Round 1(Online Test):

The online test was conducted on HackerRank platform. The test comprised of 20 MCQs and 2 coding questions. The time allocated was 1 hour.

The MCQs were based mostly on Operating Systems, Cpp input output questions and OOPS.

The first coding question was to find the length of the smallest window in a given string that contains all the characters of the given string. For eg. str = “aabcbcdbca”, then the result would be 4 as of the smallest window will be “dbca” .

Link :

The second coding question was you are given n blocks and 3 colors. The cost of painting a block with these 3 colors was given in a matrix(n*3 matrix). Constraint : 2 adjacent walls cannot have the same color. Find the minimum cost with which you can color the n blocks.

I was able to do most of the MCQs and passed all the TCs of the first coding question. I tried to solve the 2nd question by backtracking but lacked the time to do it.

Tips: It’s a 1 hour test and time management was crucial here. I started off with the MCQs as it was of easy/medium level and will take less time. I completed the MCQs in about 15 minutes and switched to the 2 coding questions.

Result: About 25 people were shortlisted for the 2nd wound

Round 2(Technical PI):

This round began at 7 AM in the morning next day. First they handed us a sheet with about 7-8 topics and asked us to rate yourself on a scale of 0-10. The topics included C/C++, Java, OS, DBMS, OOPS, CS fundamentals and you can mention other topics of your interest in 2 other columns provided. I mentioned Python and Django framework. There was also a specific column to rate one of your major project. I mentioned the project which i had done in my summer internship.

After 10-15 mins the process started. The interviewer was very interactive and cool. He asked me to describe myself and why I joined CSE. Then he asked me the approach of the 1st coding question in the online test. Following that he asked me the backtracking approach of 2nd question. He was satisfied with the answers I gave. Then he switched to C/C++. He asked me difference between malloc and calloc, malloc and new. I didn’t remember much about these and framed an answer there but also mentioned that I wasn’t sure of the answer. The interviewer was OK at this point. Then he asked me about deadlock and how to handle them. I explained him in a very detailed way and he was happy with the answers. Following that, he asked me to draw the architecture of my internship project which was based on Web development. He also asked me to write some SQL queries based on my project. Then he asked me to print all permutations of a string and dry-run it using a stack.


This round took around 1.5 hours.

Tips: Be crystal clear about whatever you have mentioned in your CV. There shouldn’t be a single word/topic you are not aware of. If the interviewer asks something you don’t know, just tell him honestly that you don’t have an idea on this topic. If you have some idea, then give it a try and try to take the help of interviewer. If you know about a topic very well, then try to give the interviewer a detailed explanation of that. Remember, they have fixed time for each candidate and you should try to spend most of the time on your strong topics. Lastly, be thorough with your project.

Result: About 10 people were shortlisted for this round.

Round 3(Managerial round):

This round was taken by one of their senior members and comprised of both technical as well as HR questions. He asked me about school days and a bad decision that I took in my life and how I managed it. Then he looked into my CV and asked me about the clubs in our college that I was a part of and what is my contribution to the club. I told I love organizing sessions for the juniors of our college. I was also a part of e-cell, so he asked me about entrepreneurship and asked me if I have a plan of a start-up. Following that, he asked some technical questions. The question was assume that I am a 12th year student. Explain me the following concepts and their applications:

i) Pointers

ii)Pointer to function

iii)Pointer to pointers

I had a good basic understanding of all these topics and explained these concepts by taking examples and he looked satisfied.

He also asked me about storage classes and heap and stack segments. I wrote a sample code and demonstrated him how the heap and stack segments work.  Following that, he asked me about my summer internship project. Finally, he asked me some HR questions like Why Veritas, What Veritas does, your strengths and weaknesses.

This round took about an hour.

Tips: OOPS is very important in any technical interview. Make sure you have a good grasp on OOPS. For C++ you can refer videos of Saurabh Shukla on youtube. They really helped me clear this round. Make sure you don’t tell anything to the interviewer that you don’t know. I told him I love teaching, so he asked me a question like this. But if someone would have bluffed, that could be catastrophic. Practice standard HR questions and please do attend the PPT of the company as they will surely ask what the company does. And again, be thorough with your project.

Result: 5 candidates were selected for the next round.

Round 4(HR):

The HR first asked me to tell something about me and my hometown. Then he asked me to define creativity. I explained it to him citing a few real life examples. He asked me a puzzle aswell.


Then he asked me tell about the areas in which Veritas works, What you expect from Veritas.

Tips: Be prepared with HR questions and don’t give diplomatic answers. Answers should be clear and should not portray you as a negative to the company. Have a good grasp on puzzles aswell. You can practice them from GeeksForGeeks only.

Result: All 5 candidates got selected and we got some goodies from them aswell.

Remember, Never give up and no interview will be your last interview if you fail. If it doesn’t end well, then it isn’t the end :).

Cheers, SidB54

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