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Verifone Interview Experience |Set 1 (For Software engineer)
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2015

I had interview with VeriFone India Bangalore for Software Engineer position.

Round 1: Written test (40 minute)

Two Programming questions and 24 Objective type Questions

1. Find occurrence of each character in given String
2. Write a query to find the details of Employee from past 7 days (SQL Query).
3. Valid interfaces signature
4. Exception child to parent.

Round 2: (Team Member)
1. What is Thread, ways of creating thread?
2. What is synchronization?
3. Vector and List difference.
4. TCP/UDP difference
5. How to debug in Eclipse?
6. Web.xml tags name
7. What is Socket?
8. Hash code and Equals Method implementation for user defined class.
9. Enum declaration
10. Collection Framework Hierarchy
11. Exceptions Hierarchy.
12. JDBC Connections Code and type of Connection.

Round 3: (Team Lead)
This Round Questions were asked on data Structure.

1. More focus on real time server and client connections, how TCP and UDP works.
2. SQL functions , Trigger, Stored Procedure
3. Jdbc Vs Hibernate
4. Server and Client TCP/IP program
5. Puzzle related to link list.
6. About Project, how FTP works?
7. Spring MVC Annotations Tags name and Package name.

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