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Verbal Section in GRE General

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The Verbal Section is considered to be the most difficult section among the aspirants in GRE. This section aims to check the aspirant’s ability of evaluating a given comprehension by understanding the meaning of different words used in it. It checks the aspirants ability to draw conclusions from the information provided in the comprehension and answer correctly the questions which follow afterwards. It is an adaptive section.

The entire section is split into three parts:
Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence as given below.

1. Reading Comprehension:
A comprehension is provided to the aspirants, based upon which they are required to answer questions after thorough analysis. Around five reading comprehensions are provided in the verbal section. The questions of this part into the following three types:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Multiple Correct Questions
  3. Select in passage Questions

Policymakers must confront with the fact that fossil fuels are an indispensable source of energy. Even though burning them is very harmful and produces atmospheric accumulations of CO2 that cause global climate change. At present, the technology that could capture CO2 emitted by the power plants and sequester it instead of releasing it, might double or triple the cost of generating electricity. But because sequestration does not have much effect on the cost of electricity transmission, the delivered prices will rise less, by no more than fifty-percent. Research into better technologies will undoubtedly lead to lowered costs.

  • 1. The passage describes the current cost of generating electricity as
    (A) It is higher than it would be if better technologies were available.
    (B) It is less than the cost of electricity transmission and distribution.
    (C) It is dwelt on by the policymakers to exclusion of other costs.
    (D) It constitutes at most half of the delivered price of electricity.
    (E) It is not fully recovered by the prices to the consumers.

    Answer: D

  • 2. Select the in-Passage sentence that explains why an expected outcome of sequestration might not occur.

    Answer: “But because sequestration does not have much affect on the cost of electricity transmission, the delivered prices will rise less, by no more than fifty-percent.”

2. Text Completion:
The aspirants is required to fill up the blanks in the passage provided from the available choices. The questions of this part into the following two types:

  1. Single Blank
  2. Multiple Blanks
  • Example:
    Upon visiting the Middle East around 1800’s, Steve Hilton was so ____________ belly dancing that he wrote a letter to his mother, that the dancers alone had made his trip worthwhile.

    (A) enamored by
    (B) flustered by
    (C) beseeched by
    (D) overwhelmed by
    (E) taken aback by

    Answer: A

3. Sentence Equivalence:
In this part, one blank is provided in a sentence. The aspirant is required to select the correct answer from the choices available. If there are two choices which are synonyms of each other, the aspirant is required to select both the choices.

  • Example:
    The upbringing of the twins was identical in every respect, yet one child remained unfailingly sanguine even in times of stress while the another was prone to angry outbursts that was a clear indication of an exceptionally choleric __________ .

    (A) temperament
    (B) incarnation
    (C) humor
    (C) physiognomy
    (D) environment
    (E) origami

    Answer: A and C

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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