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Ventura Publisher
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2021

The important software of DTP its work is different from PageMaker, many developers and desktop workers like venturer in comparison to Pagemaker. Its big advantage is that it can work easily on small computers that is why it has a good speed though it also has a drawback the work is quite complex due to this learning in this is quite time-consuming and if you will learn the work process then you can work on it very easily. 

This program do not make the things all together do it makes different it indexes and portions and keep it in a uniform way it does not work like pagemaker it has all type of text and graphic files and a general form is kept in a different portion. Along with them, this file format telling stylesheet is kept in a different file which is expanded in a part . STY. Ventura links all the files and there work information is kept in an important file which is called a chapter files. These files are expanded in. CHP. 

Ventura is useful for long-listed publishing articles and the files or applications or programs which are long and time-consuming and in each publishing, you can have more than 1 chapter in it all chapters are made ready as a chapter file in a folder and there is a publisher file in Ventura which is expanded in. PUB in this file all chapter files links are given and Publishers information is also provided like chapter title, page number, index, things menu, etc. 

Ventura Publisher Union

Just like PageMaker Ventura Publisher also take commands from the pull-down menu and for many other works the key-board commands are also there. But it is usually to increase the work of mouse, not from them if your mouse use gets damaged then you can go anywhere on the screen through cursor keys, but you need a mouse for many other purposes too. 

Ventura has comprehension and the pictures mean they have all things in frames. Frame is like a box whose boundary and lines are visible or non-visible. Every page is framed by own and other frames are formed for making the comprehension and pictures in the same frame. Due to the frames, you get the Liberty to choose the frame of your choice in Ventura.  you can keep the cursor at any point you like by doing this the comprehension new frame will adjust automatically. Initially, you will feel trouble choosing the frame but after the usage, you will be e used to, to that Technology. 

All the activities in the frame are done through Mouse for example if you want to place the frame in a new place, but you are not fully satisfied with the place it is in then n you can put the frame from the menu to the right place through coordinates so through this you can place the frame border background and color even the size can also be changed. 

After setting the parameter of the frame or the page the comprehension and the picture gets added you can even directly type the comprehension on Ventura but many users use the word processor of their choice for making the comprehension part ready as it feels good and comfortable in Ventura to do the work.  Ventura comes with the all word processing packages like MS Word, word perfect, word star, xerox right, etc. And ordinary comprehension files are also accepted in this.  You can add many word processing files in Ventura is accepted, all types of format bold italics underline font shapes it is just like the way it is, graphics program make Ready the pictures and scanners files are make ready and loaded in Ventura. Ventura identify two types of pictures bitmap file and a drawing file. Bitmap files are called images in Ventura and drawing files are called line art.  Ventura accept all types of graphic file but before it transforms all files into the Ventura format paint files are converted to (.img) and drawing files in (.gem) files. Not only this through AutoCAD the dxf format files in Ventura can transform the program into gem format and it get loaded in Ventura and after loading it can easily be cut it and selected and even the size can vary. 

Ventura has a speciality that you can attach the graphic into to the comprehension that is the pictures and images can be attached to the text, so that is the text and the picture get converted still they can be placed in a same condition through which it is attached. 

As the Microsoft Windows usage is in the high amount still the Ventura versions are also in great use which also take the advantage of windows. 

Through venture Publisher, you also get the package of Corel-DRAW this makes a complete package for desktop publishing. 

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