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Vehant Technologies Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020

1st round: It was an online test consisting of MCQs related to debugging, aptitude and general mathematics.

There were 3 coding questions. 

  1. Easy (50 points): Next Greater Element

  2. Medium (75 points): Find the number of pairs which satisfy the condition a[i]%a[j] ==0 (j>i), also if one of the pairs returns false, then you will not check the further pairs. 


    2 4 5 6
    Here, 2%4==0, pair=1,
    2%5==1, pair=1, but will not check further pairs. 
    Although 2%6==0 but it will not be counted.
  3. Hard (100 points): Sub-string Divisibility by 3 Queries

The question was a variant of this question, no queries were given the maximum number of strings must be given as output.

Round 2: It was a technical round. The interviewer had a detailed discussion on my resume. The interviewer was impressed by my contributed article on GeeksforGeeks which was on Fuzzy c means clustering. She asked me k means clustering and gave some points to solve. She then asked me about supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques. Then she asked me one coding question.

  1. Write a function to get the intersection point of two Linked Lists

Round 3: It was a straight DS Algo round

  1. Given a stream of string find out the number of words in O(n) time and O(1) space. 
  2. You have n candies, for eating every k candies you get 1 more candy. Find maximum candies you can eat in O(n) time.

Round 4 (Tech+HR): The interviewer asked me 2 coding questions.

  1. Deletion of a node in BST.
  2. Find the missing numbers in an unsorted array.

He asked me about my family background and subjects of interest. 

Subjective questions on OOPs:

  1. Polymorphism with a real-world example.
  2. Abstraction
  3. Difference between both with examples. 

He seemed to be happy with my answers

Verdict: Selected 

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