VCD Fullform

VCD stands for Video Compact Disc is Compact Disc (CD) format based on Compact Disc – Read-Only-Memory Extended Architecture (CD-ROM XA). It holds MPEG-1 video data and also provides an interactive environment. It can be played on a VCD player, a CD-i player, some DVD players, and some CD-ROM drives. VCD for the first-ever format for distribution of films on 120 mm optical discs.

Features :

  • This disc holds 72-74 minutes of Video and Audio information.
  • It has a data transfer rate of 1.44 Mbps.
  • The data compression facility is provided by MPEG-1 that compresses the data at ratios of up to 200:1.
  • It provides an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • It stores metadata and menu information within ISO 9660 filesystem.
  • It has variations include : VCD 2.0, VCD-ROM, VCD-Internet and SuperVCD.
  • It provides resolutions : 352×240 and 352×288.
  • It provides an audio bitrate of 224 Kbit/s and a video bitrate of 1150 Kbit/s.

Advantages :

  • By formatting VCD, redundant information gets eliminated from MPEG-1 data.
  • It also provides specialized video authoring capabilities via Compact Disc Interactive (CD-i) runtime application.
  • It is a low-cost video format.
  • It 2.0 provides interactive playback control (PBC).
  • Menus and chapters can be used on a VCD.


  • VCD video is only compatible with the DVD-Video standard which is encoded at 29.97 frames per second or 25 frames per second.
  • The use of VCDs made pirating very easy as it does not provide any security measures against unauthorized copying of data.
  • VCD does not provide support to backward compatibility with older MPEG-1 formats.
  • Subtitles are embedded in the video in VCDs and cannot be removed.
  • The image quality of VCDs is not up to the mark due to the compression methods used.

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