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Various Teams in Project Organization

  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020
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The project organization is project structure that is created separately with specialist and works from different departments. All these personnel generally work under project manager. It simply maps all project-level roles and responsibilities. The project structure can be modified according to size and conditions of particular project organization.

The important features of this organization are given below :

  1. Software Management Team :
    The software management team is generally active participant that helps in better collaboration, better production, and better management of software project. They are responsible for resources and processes essential to deliver new software or upgrade existing products.

    They maintain functionality, quality, improves processing, negotiating contracts among various stakeholders or vendors who have different goals. This team simply takes ownership of all aspects of quality.

  2. Software Architecture Team :

    Software Architecture team have number of skills like experience (both in software development to produce process view, component view, deployment view, and other in application domain to produce design view and use case view), better communication skills (so that they can persuade, understand, dig out real issues and problems, convince skeptical and sell architecture), goal-oriented, leadership (must have some leadership skills like technical leadership), etc.

    The architecture team shares common goal or small set of goals and these goals must be defined clearly both to architecture team and their environment. This is generally responsible for architecture.

  3. Software Development Team :
    Software development team generally apply their knowledge of engineering and of various programming languages in software development. This team consists of designers, software developers, project managers, and tester of greater caliber.

    This team generally includes several sub-teams dedicated to various groups of components that require common skill set. The development team is simply responsible for maintaining quality of individual components, even including all components of development, testing, and maintenance.

  4. Software Assessment Team :
    Software Assessment Team generally examines whether software processes that are used by an organization are effective and efficient in achieving goals or not, simply based on process model.

    This team identifies areas for improvement and even suggests plan for making that improvement. Ensuring independent quality perspective and exploiting concurrency of activities are two main reasons for using an independent team for software assessment. Use-case oriented testing or capability-based testing should be employed by modern process of development.

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