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Various aspects of Software Testing

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2022
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Software testing is a very important part of software development

Software testing generally involves testing the software functionality so as to identify whether the developed software fulfills the requirements of the users and developers and to identify whether there is any defect or risk. By software testing, the defects can be removed then the software will be defect-free and a high-quality product can be produced or developed. 

Software Testing criteria is based upon two fundamental properties – 


  1. Reliability : 
    If all the test cases detect the same set of errors then only a test criterion is reliable. Whether the software is fault-free and is reliable is assured by reliability testing. 
  2. Validity : 
    Validity testing ensures whether the product or software actually fulfills the needs of clients or users. If any error in the program there is some set which causes error in the program then only a test criterion is valid. 

For testing criteria, there is an important theorem- “ Program contains no errors if the testing criterion is valid and reliable if a fulfilling the needs of testing criterion succeeds.” 

Various testing activities are there which are shown below : 



  1. Test Planning – 
    The test plan or test script is prepared. For analyzing the requirements of document (for black box) and program code (for white box), the test plans are generated. 
  2. Test Case Design – 
    Creating a set of tests that are effective in testing the software is the ultimate target of test case design. 
  3. Test Execution – 
    In order to obtain the test result, the test data is derived through various test cases. 
  4. Data Collection and Comparison – 
    Collection and verification of test results is done whether it is complete and correct or not. 
  5. Effective Evaluation and Report Generation – 
    All the above test activities are performed on the software model and the maximum number of errors is identified. Test reports are generated with the help of which we can work on the errors and find an effective way to reduce the errors in order to obtain a high-quality product. 


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