ValueLabs Interview Experience (Placement Drive)

Recently Value Labs visited our campus for placements, The criteria for the company is 70% in 10th, 12th and 80% in Graduation.

Position 1:-Software developer

No of interview- 1 online test, 2 F2F interview.

Round 1: So, 1st round was an online test, which was held at mettl platform. Questions include Aptitute(time work, speed distance, Permutation combination) total 25 question. 20 Logical question(Directions, Blood relation, coding decoding).20 mcqs of Data structure and Algorithm

And 1 coding question. Question was similar to this question-

Round 2: After clearing online test there is a face to face interview. they asked to 4 to 5 question, 2 question of problem soving, 2 questions from oops concept.

questions were:- 1. Print “Hello” without using semicolon,

2. number given from 1 to n, find the missing number in it.

3. question on inheritance and polymorphism.

4. overload “<<” operator.

i answered all question and got selected for next round.

Round 3:  It was round basically focussed on your project, they just want to check whether you have made that project by their own or you have just copied the project.

they ask some questions about problem occured while you were making this project and how you fix that.

finally got selected and get joining letter at the same time.



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