Valuelabs-Hyderabad Interview Experience | On-Campus Interview

Round 1:  Aptitude round – 60 mins 

Online test was conducted in mettl platform. 7 sections  including quantitative aptitude, verbal, reasoning, Java, HTML & CSS, data interpretation, debugging  a code (language independent). No specific sectional time-constraints were given. Code given had some sample and weighted edge/corner testcases that were hidden.

Around 175 students appeared for the online round. 33 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 2: Technical group discussion

33 were divided into four groups. Each group had different topics to discuss. Our group was asked to speak our minds on self-driven cars, both opposing and defending the same. Out of 33, 18 made it to the next round.

Round 3: Technical interview – 1 ( 45 minutes )

All questions were direct and mostly from the area of interests, projects as mentioned in the resume. Concepts used, functionalities implemented, difficulties faced in the project were asked. Competitions, hackathons participated were discussed.

Pseudo code for Longest increasing subsequence in a string was asked. DP solution wasn’t expected. I gave a naive solution, he quite was ok with that.

And then I was asked to write and explain the working of stacks and queues.

Next question was, to search a given element efficiently in a sorted 2-D array.

And final question was a puzzle (with a slight change from the question given below).

Only 10 advanced through this round.

Round 4: Technical interview – 2  ( 45 minutes – 1 hour)

This was the last round in the selection process and it took much time than the previous one. Only one panelist was interviewing all the ten students one by one.

In this round the projects, area of interests were discussed in detail. Questions came as a follow up to the answers given to the previous one. More questions from database management like schema, ERP diagram, SQL queries, NOSQL were asked. Pattern printing question was asked. Having ML/AI projects in hand would be an added advantage.


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