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Uses of Data Analytics

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  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2020

In this article, we are going to discuss different uses of data analytics. And will discuss the application where we will see how data is an essential part of different sectors. So, let’s discuss them one by one. 

Data is of much importance nowadays. Data helps you understand performance providing the clarity needed for better results. Data helps you improve processes so that you can reduce wasted money and time and also to understand consumers well. 

Uses of Data Analytics :  

  1. Data in business : 
    In Data Analytics there are many advantages of data, but without the proper data analytics tools and processes, you can’t access these benefits. Raw data is also very important and you need data analytics to unlock the potential of raw data and converted into useful information for the business. 
    Example – 
    Record of the potential customer, records of customers like name, address. 
  2. Data in healthcare : 
    Data is extremely useful in this field of medical and healthcare. Most of the medical devices are big data-oriented. In Data Analytics uses of data has gone to such an extent that in the healthcare sector each record or you can say data is very essential where doctors can check person through the heart and temperature monitoring watch which is critical information of any patients and kept to be as data fitted on patient’s hand and prescribe him with related medicines. 
    Example – 
    Patient records like name, address, contact no. etc., treatment records, Records of Doctor’s profile are the examples in healthcare. 
  3. Data in media and entertainment : 
    The business model runs on collecting and creating the content, further analyzing it, then marketing and distribution of the content. We can run through customer’s data along with observable data and gather even minute information to create a customer’s detailed profile. The benefits of big data in the media and entertainment industry include forecasting what the target audience wants, planning, optimization, expanding acquisition, and retention suggest content on-demand and new. 
    Example – 
    Records of the team, the time duration of media project, location, etc. 
  4. Data in transportation : 
    Data in transportation is very crucial. For proper communication and for proper synchronization of transport medium you need data and to analyze the information you need data analytics. Data potential is to analyze how many passengers traveled from any source to destination and with the help of data analytics it can be processed in real-time for the smooth functioning of transportation. 
    Example – 
    feedback of customer, transport time, source and destination records, customer traveled history, etc. 
  5. Data in banking : 
    Banking is a very crucial sector. Data here is very beneficial and helps in fraud detection in the banking system. Using big data, we can search for all the illegal activities that have taken place and can identify the misuse of credit and debit cards, business precision, you can say for customer statistics modification, and in public analytics for business. 
    Example – 
    Employee records, Bank name address, and branch name, customer account records, transaction history, etc. 


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