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User View Vs Hardware View Vs System View of Operating System
  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2019

User View of Operating System:
The Operating System is an interface, hides the details which must be performed and presents a virtual machine to the user that makes easier to use. Operating System provides the following services to the user.

  • Execution of a program
  • Access to I/O devices
  • Controlled access to files
  • Error detection (Hardware failures, and software errors)

Hardware View of Operating System:
The Operating System manages the resources efficiently in order to offer the services to the user programs. Operating System acts as a resource managers:

  • Allocation of resources
  • Controlling the execcution of a program
  • Control the operationss of I/O devices
  • Protecftion of resources
  • Monitors the data

System View of Operating System:
Operating System is a program that functions in the same way as other programs . It is a set of instructions that are executed by the processor. Operating System acts as a program to perform the following.

  • Hardware upgrades
  • New services
  • Fixes the issues of resources
  • Controls the user and hardware operations

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