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Use of NoSQL in Industry

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2018
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Prerequisite – Introduction to NoSQL, Difference between SQL and NoSQL
Why NoSQL?

  • In recent times you can easily capture and access data from various sources, like Facebook, Google, etc.
  • User’s personal information, geographic location data, user generated content, social graphs and machine logging data are some of the examples where data is increasing rapidly.
  • To use above mentioned properties, it is necessary to process large volume of data.
  • For which relational databases are not suitable. The evolution of NoSQL databases is to handle this large volume of data properly.

Use of NoSQL in industry

  1. Session Store
    • Managing session data using relational database is very difficult, especially in case where applications are grown very much.
    • In such cases the right approach is to use a global session store, which manages session information for every user who visits the site.
    • NOSQL is suitable for storing such web application session information very is large in size.
    • Since the session data is unstructured in form, so it is easy to store it in schema less documents rather than in relation database record.
  2. User Profile Store
    • To enable online transactions, user preferences, authentication of user and more, it is required to store the user profile by web and mobile application.
    • In recent time users of web and mobile application are grown very rapidly. The relational database could not handle such large volume of user profile data which growing rapidly, as it is limited to single server.
    • Using NOSQL capacity can be easily increased by adding server, which makes scaling cost effective
  3. Content and Metadata Store
    • Many companies like publication houses require a place where they can store large amount of data, which include articles, digital content and e-books, in order to merge various tools for learning in single platform
    • The applications which are content based, for such application metadata is very frequently accessed data which need less response times.
    • For building applications based on content, use of NoSQL provide flexibility in faster access to data and to store different types of contents
  4. Mobile Applications
    • Since the smartphone users are increasing very rapidly, mobile applications face problems related to growth and volume.
    • Using NoSQL database mobile application development can be started with small size and can be easily expanded as the number of user increases, which is very difficult if you consider relational databases.
    • Since NoSQL database store the data in schema-less for the application developer can update the apps without having to do major modification in database.
    • The mobile app companies like Kobo and Playtika, uses NOSQL and serving millions of users across the world.
  5. Third-Party Data Aggregation
    • Frequently a business require to access data produced by third party. For instance, a consumer packaged goods company may require to get sales data from stores as well as shopper’s purchase history.
    • In such scenarios, NoSQL databases are suitable, since NoSQL databases can manage huge amount of data which is generating at high speed from various data sources.
  6. Internet of Things
    • Today, billions of devices are connected to internet, such as smartphones, tablets, home appliances, systems installed in hospitals, cars and warehouses. For such devices large volume and variety of data is generated and keep on generating.
    • Relational databases are unable to store such data. The NOSQL permits organizations to expand concurrent access to data from billions of devices and systems which are connected, store huge amount of data and meet the required performance.
  7. E-Commerce
    • E-commerce companies use NoSQL for store huge volume of data and large amount of request from user.
  8. Social Gaming
    • Data-intensive applications such as social games which can grow users to millions. Such a growth in number of users as well as amount of data requires a database system which can store such data and can be scaled to incorporate number of growing users NOSQL is suitable for such applications.
    • NOSQL has been used by some of the mobile gaming companies like, electronic arts, zynga and tencent.
  9. Ad Targeting
    • Displaying ads or offers on the current web page is a decision with direct income To determine what group of users to target, on web page where to display ads, the platforms gathers behavioral and demographic characteristics of users.
    • A NoSQL database enables ad companies to track user details and also place the very quickly and increases the probability of clicks.
    • AOL, Mediamind and PayPal are some of the ad targeting companies which uses NoSQL

Advantages of NoSQL

  • NOSQL provides high level of scalability.
  • It is used in distributed computing environment.
  • Implementation is less costly It provides storage for semi-structured data and it is also provide flexibility in schema.
  • Relationships are less complicated
  • The advantages of NOSQL also include being able to handle :
    • Large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
    • Object-oriented algorithms permit implementations in order to achieve the maximum availability over multiple data centers.
    • Eventual-consistency based systems scale update workloads better than traditional OLAP RDBMS, while also scaling to very large datasets.
    • Programming that is easy to use and flexible. Efficient, scale-out architecture instead of expensive, monolithic architecture
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