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10 Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking

Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2024
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Are you still stuck on Microsoft Word for taking your notes? Well, then it’s time to level up your game as you have another Microsoft application built just for that purpose. With Microsoft Notes, you can not only take your basic notes but also add various sections, highlights, audio, videos, and much more.

But you might wonder if learning this application might be complicated. With this article on 10 ways to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking, this is no longer a difficult task. Just one read of 15 minutes and you would then be an expert of one note.

10 Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Takingway

1. Organize Notes into Notebooks

When you organize your notes into notebooks you get increased structure and clarity in your data. With this feature, you can put your different subjects, projects, or categories into different compartments thereby getting easier retrieval of information.

Organize Notes into Notebooks

To use this way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking, you have to simply create a new notebook for each unique topic or area of focus amongst your data or input.  For instance, you might have separate notebooks for personal journaling, work-related projects, and educational pursuits.

2. Use Sections and Pages

The next way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking goes to an even further level of organization of data. By dividing the information into sections and pages you can further divide your notes within each notebook. This makes it easier to deal with large chunks of data.

Use Sections and Pages

To implement this tip, create sections within your notebooks to represent different themes or subtopics, and then create individual pages within each section to capture specific content or ideas.

3. Take Handwritten Notes

The next way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking gives you the flexibility and personalization to work as you want. Whether you like writing or typing your notes, OneNotes gives you all.

Take Handwritten Notes

To use this feature, you have to open a new page in OneNote and use a stylus, digital pen, or your finger on a touch-enabled device to write or draw directly on the page. Once you have done that, OneNote will automatically convert your handwritten notes to typed text to avoid any readability issues in the future.

4. Clip Web Content

If you want your research and references to be streamlined then clipping web content might come in handy to you. Instead of bookmarking or saving web pages by yourself, you can centralize the task and make OneNote make these clips within notes. This would help in quicker access and integration.

Clip Web Content

To clip web content, first install the OneNote Web Clipper browser extension. After this, you would have to select the desired content on a webpage. In the end, you have to choose the notebook and section where you want to save it and now your contents are clipped for easier future reference.

5. Record Audio and Video

With this way of using Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking, you can further enhance the quality of your notes by capturing the auditory and visual information. This feature is particularly useful for capturing lectures, meetings, or interviews thereby allowing you to review and revisit discussions alongside your written notes.

Record Audio and Video

To record audio or video on OneNote, open a new page and then click on the “Insert” tab. From the toolbar select either “Record Audio” or “Record Video”.

6. Tag and Categorize Notes

When you tag your notes you can easily identify and organize the key points or action items in your notes. In OneNotes, you can assign tags to specific texts or information so that later you can easily find the relevant information.

Tag and Categorize Notes

For this way use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking, first, highlight the desired text or content then right-click it. Now you will have a context menu from which you can choose the appropriate tag. You can also create custom tags to suit your specific needs and preferences.

7. Collaborate with Others

When you are enabled to collaborate with your fellow note-makers in real time you have the opportunity to foster teamwork and information sharing. The benefit of this way of using, Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking is that it enhances your productivity and coordination. Many users could edit and add information simultaneously to the same set of notes.

Collaborate with Others

If you wish to collaborate with others you have to share your notebook with them. For this click on the “Share” button in OneNote and enter their email addresses. Once you have shared the note all collaborators can access and edit the shared notebook in real-time.

8. Sync Across Devices

This way of using, Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking makes sure that all your notes and information are always up to date and accessible to all your devices. With this feature, you can easily switch between devices without any worries about loss of data. This gives you mobility and flexibility while working.

Sync Across Devices

To access this feature simply sign in to your Microsoft account on each device where you use OneNote, and your notebooks will automatically sync across all platforms.

9. Use Templates

Do you want your notes to be structured yet do not want to spend plenty of time structuring them? Well, then this way of using, Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking is exactly what you are looking for. With this feature, you can save a lot of time and effort by getting pre-design layouts and formats for taking common notes.

To use templates, click on the “Insert” tab in OneNote. Then select “Page Templates,” and choose the desired template from the gallery. In case you want further customization of the template you can even do that as per your specific needs and preferences.

10. Customizing Layout and Formatting

The above step was about a general layout and structure to write your notes. But if you want to go a step further and personalize your notes then even that could be done by this way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking. This is useful for enhancing readability, emphasizing important information, and maintaining consistency across their notes.

For this, you have to select the desired text or section, then go to the formatting options in the toolbar to modify font styles, sizes, colours, and more. You can also experiment with different templates and page setups to suit specific requirements, whether it’s creating structured outlines, brainstorming diagrams, or visual presentations.


You have now finally learned and explored the best user case of OneNote. While analyzing the 10 ways to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking we have seen that along with simple note-taking, this app also provides many more cool and additional options like handwritten notes. You also have various options to properly structure your text by using the notebook, section, tags and clipping options.

Not just that you also get to make fancy notes so that when you open them again you enjoy studying. To add a cherry on the top you can continue to share your notes so the journey of continuous learning never stops. So after seeing so many amazing features why wait, use these outstanding features of OneNote.

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FAQs – Use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking

How do I use OneNote for note-taking?

The most basic way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking is through logging in through your gmail id and once you do that you would have a page before you where you can start typing and making notes.

What is the best use of Microsoft OneNote?

Once you know how to make basic notes in OneNote then the best way to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking is arranging and streamlining your text in notebooks and sections. This helps retrieval and navigation of text easier.

How do I use OneNote as a planner?

As a planner who needs a lot of arrangement and streamlining of work, OneNote might prove out to be an exceptional tool for you. You can make creative and well organized notes by using a combination the above written ways to use Microsoft OneNote for Note-Taking.

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