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Unthinkable Solutions Interview Experience(On-Campus 2020)

  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020

I’d like to share my interview experience @Unthinkable Solutions for Jr. Associate IT  with all of my fellow geeks.

Round 1: Firstly they take an online assessment on HackerEarth which is purely based on coding skills. It consists of 3 coding question in which 2 are easy one and the last one was medium. The questions were based on the number theory, string, and arrays.

Note: Try to do all 3 questions to directly qualify for the interviews. If you are able to do 2 or 2.5 questions then they again organize another coding round for the left candidates.

Round 1 A(Coding round): This round consists of 2 coding questions and the time allotted is 45 minutes. This is a little tougher round which consists of questions based on string manipulation and matrix. Both questions were of medium difficulty now. You have to do at least 1 question to qualify for interviews.

Round 2(Technical interview 1): This round takes place virtually and for approximately 45 minutes. The questions are:-

  1. Give your introduction
  2. Tell about your most challenging project
  3. Why ReactJs is better over other frameworks?
  4. Tell me some features of ReactJs
  5. 3 coding questions:
    • Reverse a linked list
    • Sort the array of 0’s 1’s and 2’s in a most optimized way
    • Right rotate an array K times in O(1) space

Note: My projects were based on React Js, so few cross-questions on it

Round 3(Technical interview 2): This round takes place for around 50 minutes. The questions are:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell me about any of your projects
  3. Now they asked 10-15 questions in a rapid-fire way related to DS and Algorithms which include topics like sorting complexities, searching, heaps, queues, stacks, etc.
  4. Write the code of Heap Sort
  5. Write the code of Bubble Sort

Round 4(HR round): This round only consists of basic HR-related questions and took around only 20 minutes.

Tips: Clear your fundamentals related to DS and Algorithms and with your project too. Remember that your interview will surely revolve around your resume.

Verdict: Selected

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