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UnitedHealth group Optum Internship Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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UnitedHealth Group Optum recently visited our campus for hiring interns and FTE’s. 

Round 1:  Round 1 was an online test on Cocubes platform. It consisted of 30 aptitude questions to be done in 30 minutes. The aptitude questions were mostly paragraph based and we were extremely short of time . You have to be selective because solving all questions was not possible. There were 10 quantitative questions too which were moderate in difficulty, mostly from permutations, speed distance time, trains etc.. Part 2 of online round consisted of 2 coding questions to be done in 30 mins. They were different for everyone. They were of easy to moderate difficulty level. Few of the questions were: 

  1. Return the greater value between sum of even and odd digits of a number
  2. Rotate an array about middle element
  3. Camelcase conversion string
  4. Priority logic implementation using a linked list
  5. Check for consecutive subsequences

Round 2: Out of around 200 students who appeared for round 1, 55 were shortlisted for interview. Second round was technical interview. The duration as well as interview pattern varied from student to student. Projects were drilled thoroughly thus projects need to be well prepared. Few implementation questions were asked such as implement Uber cab system using appropriate data structure. Basic Data structures and algorithms were asked. Puzzles were especially focussed upon and those puzzles required great logical thinking. For instance I was asked- 

  1. You are given a 4L and 5L jar completely filled and an empty jar . You have to fill empty jar to 7L. Refilling of beakers was not allowed. Water can neither be thrown, it can only be transferred from one jar to another.
  2. There are 100 cows numbered from 1-100 and each cow gives milk equivalent to number on it. A farmer who has 10 sons wants to distribute cows in such a manner such that each son has equal quantity of milk to sell. Divide the cows. (This was a bit easy question)

Other puzzle which I remember is that you are given 10 bags full of gold coins numbered from 1-10. One bag has false gold coins .Identify the bag carrying false coins. 

Some students were even asked to draw logic diagram of CPU and SQL queries were extensively asked .In fact they wanted 2-3 different versions of same SQL query. 

Technical questions were easy to moderate in difficulty such as sum of linked list, repeated element in an array, element occurring thrice in an array, sorting algorithms etc.. geeksforgeeks is enough for preparing them. 

Answering all questions correctly was not important but approach was. Be confident and keep telling your approach to interviewer. 

Round 3: Out of 55 students 20 were selected for HR round. HR round was just a formality. They just wanted to check your communication skills. Way you present yourself domatters. Common questions were asked such as- 

1. Tell me about yourself 

2. Tell about your family background 

3. Why UnitedHealth 

4. Preferred location 

At last I was asked if I had any questions . Do ask some questions for instance I asked about her experience at UHG and challenges she faced during her work. 

Finally all 20 were selected for internship and I was one of them. Thanks to geeksforgeeks as it served as an important resource to study throughout the preparation.

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