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United Health Group (Optum) Interview Experience (On-Campus 2019)

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: (Online Test)

Round 1 was online test on Cocubes platform. It consisted of 2 parts, each part with 30 minutes time constraints. First part was further divided into sub sections, one was Quantitative Reasoning(10 MCQs ) and other one Qualitative reasoning( 20 MCQs ). Questions in part one were ranging from moderate to difficult. Part 1 weighted 30 marks, +1 for each correct answer, there was no negative marking. Part two comprised of 2 coding questions, which were fairly easy but were different for different students. My question were:-

  1. Given an integer n, return simplified version of n, simplified version means adding all the individual digits of all the n to form another number n and repeat this task to get a final single digit number which will be our answer.
  2. Given an array of integers, find out the sum of elements at prime indexes. (Hint use sieve of eratosthenes) .

(Another question similar to Inversion Count came to my friend, although O(n^2) time complexity was accepted.)

Part two carried only 5 marks.

Round 2:

Out of  300+ students appearing for Online test 70(approx) was shortlisted for second round. Round two was face to face interview

  1. Interviewer asked to brief  up my resume and pondered upon my extra curricular activities.
  2. She asked me to explain my internship in brief followed by the question regarding hardships I faced during my internships and how did I handled them.
  3. Implementation of stack data structure from queue data structure was asked, then she told me to write code of it.
  4. Questions from SQL were asked, she told me to wrote any query using Group By and Order By command on 3 schemas she gave to me
  5.  My projects were on Machine Learning and Natural language Processing, so she asked an overview of my projects.

Round 3:

Round 3 was HR round. If you have reached this far then you are almost selected. HR introduced about Optum and the type of work culture in the company, she gave me overview of latest trends and technologies currently in use in Optum. She asked me if I had any location preferences.

Finally, 39 students were selected by Optum. Luckily I was one of them :).

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