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United Health Group (Optum) Interview Experience (On-Campus 2019)
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019

Optum visited our college this year for hiring full time software developers.
CGPA cut-off- 7.0/10. All branches were allowed for the process.

There were in total 4 rounds. First round was an Online test. In total 45 people qualified for the PI i.e., 2nd round.

Round 1: This round has 2 sections of duration 30 minutes each. The test was conducted on CoCubes. One was aptitude and the other was a coding test. The aptitude section was further divided into 2 sub-section. 20 questions general aptitude(Paragraph and mathematics) and 10 questions quantitative aptitude(tables and pie-charts).  There were 2 coding questions.

The coding questions asked were –

  1. Inversion Count
  2. Password checking based on the conditions given

Round 2: There were 2 technical rounds.

1)The major questions asked were based on 2 projects that I did, which were Big Data and Cloud Computing.

2)There were scenarios given to us based on the projects.

3)There where coding questions in both rounds. Sorting algorithms were asked.DBMS related questions were asked.

The interviewers where very friendly and helped me get to solution in case I was stuck.

Round 3: I was asked about myself. Why I would like to join Optum? Whether I plan to do higher studies.  What are my interests?  The interview ended with a puzzle question. (25 horses – Minimum number of races to find top 3)

The interview rounds where very well planned and candidates (if not qualified) didn’t have to wait for long. The results were announced at the end.


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