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United Health Group (Optum) Interview Experience (On-Campus 2017)

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Code in written test :
1) Sort the array pair wise
2) Mirror of the binary tree
3) longest common subsequence

1) create the database of placement cell and retrieve the student name who
got double placement
2) some query of sql
2) project
3) puzzle : 7 balls one defective (heavy/light) in 2 attempt
4) normalization and primary key etc
5) expression tree
6) need of dynamic programming
7) abstraction, encapsulation and late binding with real life example
8) design the lift ( consider all cases )
9) rate yourself on the basis of coding and data structure
10) basic computer network
11) some data structure question from linked list, stack, queue and binary tree ( only logic )
and normal hr question ?

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Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2019
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