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United Health Group Optum Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2019
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Round 1: Round 1 was an online test on Cocubes platform. It consisted of 30 aptitude questions to be done in 30 minutes. The aptitude questions were mostly paragraph based and we were extremely short of time. You have to be selective because solving all questions was not possible. There were 10 quantitative questions too which were moderate in difficulty. Part 2 of the online round consisted of 2 coding questions to be done in 30 mins. They were different for everyone. They were of easy to moderate difficulty level. Few of the questions were:

  1. In a given String return the most frequent vowel coming.
  2. In a given character Array change the most frequent with the given alphabet.
  3. Two sorted linked lists are given to add them in a sorted manner and reverse them., some more question were also there.

Round 2: Out of around 120 students who appeared for round 1 (including the final year and pre-final year students), 20 were shortlisted for interview(16-for job from final year and 4 from the pre-final year for internship ). Second round was the technical interview round. Basic Data structures and algorithms were asked form linked list and tree. they also asked about the best sorting algorithm and all. They asked a lot of questions from the skills that I had written in my CV, so get prepared for your CV, they also asked some questions from projects (from some students, not from me ), some questions asked to me :

  1. Given a screen of android, write code.
  2. Write a code for HTML form.
  3. Write a basic code in JavaScript.
  4. Simple questions from DBMS.
  5. Write a code for Enqueue and Dequeue operation in Linked List.

Round 3: Out of 20 students 12 were selected for HR round ( 10 for job and 2 for internship). HR round was just a formality, they recruited all guys who came to this round. Common questions were asked such as-

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell about your family background

3. Tell me about your skills and achievements

4. Preferred location

Finally, all these 12 were selected ( 10 for job and 2 for internship) and by the grace of God, I was one of them as an intern.

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