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Unisys Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2015
Geek Week

Round 1:

25 MCQs based on C,C++ and JAVA(concept based) , 25 MCQs based on aptitude, 15 output related MCQs, 25 MCQs on Data Structures,Algorithms,OS,DBMS and Networking.

Aptitude questions were based on Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation, Shape Manipulation and general apti. Output questions were from C,C++ and Java.DS and Algo

questions were basic questions.

No negative marking.

10 candidates were shortlisted out of 23.

Round 2: General English

Basic English skills were tested which consisted of paragraph reading, grammer skills, listening skills(one audio was played and and we had to answer some questions

based on the audio), essay writing (max 150 words).

They basically wanted to check how efficiently and effectively we are able to communicate .

No negative marking.

This was a non-elimination round.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Operating system questions:

1. What is Critical Section problem? How is it implemented?

Regarding the implementation part one should know either the hardware solution or the software solution. they wanted me to explain any one solution in detail.

2. What are semaphores?

3. Difference between mutex and semaphores.

4. What is spin-locking?

5. What is dining philosophers problem?

6. What is deadlock?

7. What can be done to prevent deadlock?

8. What are different scheduling algorithms?

Coding Questions:

1. Write a program for finding the intersection node of Linked list.

I gave him difference approach aand he was satisfied with that. He asked me to code the function.

2. Write a program to calculate the power function(i.e x raised to the power y)

I first gave 0(y) solution .Then he asked me to improve . So i gave him 0(log(y)) solution. He was satisfied with my solution. He asked me to code it.

3. Given a number n ,all numbers are present from 1 to n except one number. Find the missing number.

I first gave him brute force and then gave the xor approach.


1.Egg Dropping puzzle.

2.Minimum number of races required to find second fastest horse from 25 horses.

Then asked me detailed question related to my internship project, on technologies used etc.

4 candidates were shortlisted.

Round 3: HR interview

1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Then there was a detailed discussion about my internship project, what technologies i had used etc.

2. What is unstructured data? Give example.

3. What is Internet of things?

4. Do you have any idea of big data and hadoop?

I wasn’t able to answer most of the questions he asked but i gave him some idea about these things. He wasnt totally satisfied with that but he then moved on typical

HR questions.

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line.

6. I already had a job offer from the L&T Technology Services, where i did my internship. So he asked why Unisys and not L&T Technology Services?

Finally he asked any questions for him. I had him 4-5 questions related to the role i would be getting, kind of environment there, is there any opportunity of going onsight etc.

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