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Understanding Tethering Network
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2020

Internet has become one of important part of our life now days. When we are moving to digital world and everything is becoming automated as well as connected, there internet is playing big role to connect to everything and to make life more easier. So without internet thinking about life is becoming impossible now days. But it is not possible to get internet connectivity facility everywhere as well as it may be problem of providing internet to all digital devices to bring it online.

For example, we may think situation when we are travelling in train and it is urgent requirement to perform task immediately and to send that document to office for which internet connectivity is required. But laptop is not connected to internet so it is necessary to bring it to Online to perform the task. At the time smart phone has its internet connectivity so smart phone will help laptop to connect to internet by sharing its own mobile data connection with laptop. So concept of this type of connection is called as tethering. Let’s understand what exactly this tethering in more detailed way.

Tethering :
Tethering is an way of using smart phone as modem to connect other device such as laptop or tablet or PDAs to Internet and tethering will help to create mobile hotspot. Means by the help of tethering our phone’s mobile data connection is shared with other devices and those devices will get connected to internet through our mobile’s data connection even if those devices don’t have data connection.

Generally tethering does not cost extra but some carriers have restrictions on tethering and sometimes they charge extra for tethering. In US, most carriers charge extra for tethering but in India normally it has not been seen yet. But mainly carriers don’t like tethering.

The devices which are not able to connect to internet by the help of tethering they connect to internet and our mobile works as Modem for another device. That’s why it is also called as Phone As Modem (PAM).

In our day to day life we also do tethering wirelessly when we create WiFi network in between our smart phone and laptop and connects both to internet. During that time even if our laptop does not have broadband connection still it connects to internet with help of smart phone and smartphone acts as full replacement to mobile broadband device but the problem is there is limitation on number of devices that can be connected at once, generally it is limited to 11 devices but now days many smart phones/ other devices are allowing upto 32 devices to connect at once also another problem is it rapidly eats up mobile data as well as drains battery quickly.

Types of Tethering :
After getting idea about tethering now it comes to mind how tethering is possible. Mainly there are three ways by which we can tether so that we can connect our smart phone to other devices i.e using USB connector, Via Bluetooth and Via WiFi. Along with this standard tethering options other ways are also available for tethering for example using Third party tethering apps for tethering. Generally when any carrier does not allow for tethering by the above three ways we can make it happen by using third party tethering software.

Now let’s understand different tethering methods and how we can avail those tethering methods.

1. WiFi Tethering :
We know WiFi technology creates Wireless Local Area Network( WLAN). In WiFi tethering our smart phone is turned into little WiFi hotspot and computer/tablet is connected to this WiFi network. So the laptop gets connected to internet by getting mobiles data via WiFi. It provides good speed and allows to connect multiple devices but eats up mobile data and mobile battery so fast.

Tethering via WiFi can be done as follows :

  • First in Setting go to Network & Internet option.
  • Then go to Hotspot & Tethering option.
  • Under Hotspot & Tethering option, WiFi tethering option is available, makes ON to that.
  • Then come to laptop and check the Portable WiFi hotspot option.
  • After getting phone’s WiFi hotspot in laptop/tablet connect to that.
  • Now we can use internet in our laptop.

2. Bluetooth Tethering :
We know Bluetooth technology creates Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN). By the help of this network we can connect our smart phone with laptop. After pairing smartphone with laptop, tablet we can share the internet connection with some of those devices. Our phone will be turned into portable modem and we can use internet in other connected devices also.

Tethering via Bluetooth can be done as follows :

  • First In Setting go to Network & Internet.
  • Then go to Hotspot & Tethering option.
  • Under Hotspot & Tethering option, Bluetooth tethering option is available, makes ON to that.
  • Then Right click on the Bluetooth icon in laptop and choose “Join personal area network.”
  • Then click “Connect using” dropdown.
  • Then Choose “Access Point” to the same smart phone you have paired in the laptop.
  • Now we can use internet in our laptop.

3. USB Tethering :
Besides those wireless methods it can also be done in an wired way. With the help of Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector we will connect our Smart phone to laptop then we can share our internet through that USB cable to bring the laptop online.

Tethering via USB cable can be done as follows :

  • First connect smartphone to PC using USB cable.
  • Then in Setting go to Network & Internet option.
  • Then go to Hotspot & Tethering option.
  • Under Hotspot & Tethering option, USB tethering option is available, makes ON to that.
  • Then check the Portable WiFi hotspot option in Laptop.
  • PC automatically detects this new type of internet connection in ‘Local Area Connection’.
  • Now we can use internet in our laptop.

Advantages of Tethering :

  1. Anywhere we can connect our PC to internet by using our mobile’s data connection.
  2. Creates small hot spot during team work.
  3. It does not cost any extra.
  4. Allows multiple device connection.
  5. Tethering is secure than using public WiFi.

Disadvantages of Tethering :

  1. Eats up mobile data very fast.
  2. Drains the mobile’s battery rapidly.
  3. Some carriers and plan types don’t allow tethering.
  4. Internet speed may be slower.
  5. Phone calls might not be possible during tethering.

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