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Understanding Defect Leakage

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Prerequisite : Types of Defects in Software Development

Defect Leakage :
Defect leakage is the metric which verifies the efficiency of the QA testing process. It takes the view of the number of defects during the ongoing process of QA testing. In short term it is a kind of bug which passes the entire team tests when placed in position and winds up that production that automatically makes impacts according to the users.

Also, defect leakage works at subsequent stage as well as proves the effectiveness of testing executed by the software users.

The testing teams are worth and are validate up to the non existing and minimal defect keeps happening, it’s a part of life the software developers which helps them keeping charge with constant war and also things like keeping track of defects, founding repaired prior to scenario of software system, Good logging tests, regular reporting, customer involvement and transparency which goes long way to mitigating defects .  

Some common components occurs at the customer or the end user side after delivering application. Existing Percentage of defect leaked to subsequent can be calculated as overall project or at the stage level or both. The percentage is always measured.

Occurrence :
There are various ways of which the defect leakage happens like

  • Absence of stringent test case or review process can be a reason which leads to defect leakage.
  • More are there like environmental differences.
  • Missed test cases which covers appropriate condition.
  • Poor designed test case due to misunderstood requirements.
  • Incorrect deployment in UAT or production.
  • Incorrect test data.

Ways for Prevention :
However, there are ways to prevent defect leakage which ensure defect leakage is controlled as well as not persist in the software it also validate quality product. Also well utilized and implemented Defect Management Process prevents and minimizes the ratio of defects. 

  1. Picking definite area and perform detailed analysis and testing
  2. Checks for sensitive content and areas
  3. Using components which are susceptible to high leakage of defect
  4. Rigorous testing even smallest component
  5. Taking a Closer look at the whole system

Positive effect :

  • Determines the percent of defect accurately
  • Calculates overall project and stage levels
  • Provides transparency in product
  • Good test logging
  • Also involves customer involvement

Calculating defect leakage :
Defect of production site divided by the number of users multiple by 100 would be calculating the percentage of defect leakage in production site .

Keeps track on path of defect found and repairs prior which releases indicator of good software and ensures the development health and maintains of reasonable defect with removable efficiency.

Also adjusts transparency with software defect is just as important as identification and resolution . and to all this transparency with software defects are also important for resolutions and verification .  

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2021
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