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Underscore.js Array Complete Reference

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2023
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Underscore.js is a lightweight JavaScript library and not a complete framework that was written by Jeremy Ashkenas that provides utility functions for a variety of use cases in our day-to-day common programming tasks.

Array is a single variable that is used to store different elements. It is often used when we want to store list of elements and access them by a single variable. Underscore.js provides a wide range of array functions that are used to manipulate the given array values.



_.first() It returns the first element of the array, i.e. the number at the zeroth index.
_.initial() It excludes the last element from the array.
_.last() It is used to display the last element of the array. It returns the rest of the elements except the zeroth indexed element.
_.compact() It returns an array after removing all the false values.
_.flatten() It is used to flatten an array which is nested to some level.
_.without() It returns a copy of array which contains all the array except values.
_.union() It takes n number of arrays and return a new array with the unique terms in all those arrays.
_.intersection() It is used to find the intersection of passed arrays.
_.difference() It returns the values of array that are not present in the other arrays.
_.uniq() It returns the array which does not contain duplicate elements. It matches each passed array of elements to the next passed array element.
_.unzip() It combines the same type of elements of different arrays into a single array.
_.object() It It converts the array elements into objects.
_.chunk() It converts a single array into a number of arrays.
_.indexOf() It gives the index of the elements whose position we need to find.
_.lastIndexOf() It finds the index of an element in an array.
_.sortedIndex() It decides where the new element you want to insert into the passed array.
_.findIndex() It finds the index of an element which is passed in the second parameter.
_.findLastIndex() It finds the position of the element in an array starting from the end of the array.
_.range() It prints the list of elements from the start given as a parameter to the end also a parameter.

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