Ulo Hotels Recruitment Process

About Ulo Hotels : Founded in 2016, Ulo Hotels is a Nex Generation Quality Budget Hotel Chain offering budget-friendly accommodations for guests without compromising Quality and Services. We are building repetitive guests with our quality 5 Bs service like Best in Guest Service & Care, Bed Clean & Comfortable, Budget Friendly & Value, Breakfast Healthy & Regional and Bathroom Hygienic & Functional. We operate via the Joint Venture Business Model. We will coordinate quotidian operations, give a better internet presence, revamp quality and employ dedicated reservation team for all our partner properties. The Standard Occupancy, Standard Revenue and Quality are our Key Focus. With 220+ rooms in 9+ destinations, our ulterior goal is to offer great Customer experience in Budget Stays.

Ulo Hotels conducts 2-3 rounds to select best candidates in their organization.
• General HR Round
• Technical Round

Academic Criteria:
• Any graduate degree

General HR Round:
You will be faced with general HR questions like:
• Tell me about yourself?
• What’s your plan for the next five years?
• Why would you like to join a start-up like Ulo Hotels?
• What’s your biggest strength and weakness?
• What do you know about Ulo Hotels?

Technical Round:
The candidates who clear General HR Round are called for Technical Interview. You have to know the basics for the job profile you are applying for. Questions will be based on the job profile and your prior work experience and projects.
Where to Apply?
• Ulo Hotels Official Website – https://www.ulohotels.com

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