UHG(United Health Group) Interview Experience (Internship)

Round 1: 

This was an aptitude round conducted by Cocubes.

First was an aptitude round consist of 30 questions (20 of Mental Ability and 10 of Quantitative Analysis) which was of 30 minutes. Quant was easy while the Mental Ability was a bit difficult and time-consuming.

In the coding round, there were  2 questions which had to be solved in 30 minutes. First was of reversing an array. Second was of Finding all substrings of a given number that are divisible by 11.

Six students were selected for the interview from 239 students that appeared for the aptitude round.

Round 2:

The interview was 22 minutes long. It started with my brief introduction and the interviewer asked me why I chose my college in JEE. Then he asked me which programming language I was comfortable in and I as I chose C++ the discussion started from Object Oriented Programming concepts. There was a brief discussion on Polymorphism and Encapsulation. And then he asked me to write a program to find duplicates in an array and then asked me to do a few optimizations to the code.
Then he asked me the types of joins and to design a database for courses-student- marks and write an inner join query. And then he asked me did I have a question for them and the interview was over.

Only 1 student was selected.

(P.S. That was not me. It’s Ashutosh Sharma)

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