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UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2018 Dec – II | Question 18

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Which of the following statement/s is/are true ?

  • (i) Firewall can screen traffic going into or out of an organization.
  • (ii) Virtual private networks cam simulate an old leased network to provide certain desirable properties.

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:
(A) (i) only
(B) Neither (i) nor (ii)
(C) Both (i) and (ii)
(D) (ii) only

Answer: (C)

Explanation: A firewall is a network security device, either hardware or software-based, which monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and based on a defined set of security rules it accepts, rejects or drops that specific traffic. So, statement (i) is correct.

The traditional method of establishing a secure connection between head office and branch was to have a leased line between the branches and head office which was very costly as well as troublesome job. VPN let us overcome this issue in an effective manner. So. statement (ii) is also correct.

Option (C) is correct.

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Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2021
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