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UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2017 Jan – III | Question 76
  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2020

Segmentation is a generalization of base-and-bounds. Which possible advantages does segmentation have as compared to base-and-bounds:

I. Faster translation
II. Less physical memory waste
III. Better sharing of code in memory
IV. More hardware support needed to implement
V. More OS issues to handle, such as compaction

(A) I, II and III
(B) II and III
(C) I, IV and V
(D) All of the above.

Answer: (B)

Explanation: Segmentation is a slight generalization of base-and-bounds. It has a few base/bound register pairs per process, instead of just one.
A – Not Possible: Translation with Segmentation is not faster.
B – Possible: Less memory waste is possible because space between a stack and heap need not be allocated.
C – Possible: Code segments, marked read-only, can be shared.
D – Not Possible: More hardware support is needed, BUT, this is not an advantage.
E – Not Possible: More OS issues must be handled, BUT, this is not an advantage.
So, option (B) is correct.

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