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UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2017 Jan – III | Question 22

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Let G = (V, T, S, P) be a context-free grammar such that every one of its productions is of the form A → v, with |v| = K > 1. The derivation tree for any W ∈ L(G) has a height h such that
(A) logK|W| ≤ h ≤ logK((|W|-1)/k-1)

(B) logK|W| ≤ h ≤ logK(K|W|)
(C) logK|W| ≤ h ≤ K logK|W|
(D) logK|W| ≤ h ≤ ((|W|-1)/k-1)

Answer: (D)


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Last Updated : 29 Mar, 2018
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