UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2016 July – III | Question 17

Let us consider that the original point is (x, y) and new transformed point is (x′, y′). Further, Shx and Shy are shearing factors in x and y directions. If we perform the y-direction shear relative to x = xref then the transformed point is given by _______.
(A) x′ = x + Shx ⋅ (y – yref)
y′ = y
(B) x′ = x
y′ = y ⋅ Shx
(C) x′ = x
y′ = Shy (x – xref) + y
(D) x′ = Shy ⋅ y
y′ = y ⋅ (x – xref)

Answer: (C)


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