UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2016 July – III | Question 15

Let R be the rectangular window against which the lines are to be clipped using 2D Sutherland-Cohen line clipping algorithm. The rectangular window has lower left-hand
corner at (– 5, 1) and upper right-hand corner at (3, 7). Consider the following three lines for clipping with the given end point co-ordinates:
Line AB : A (– 6, 2) and B (–1, 8)
Line CD : C (– 1, 5) and D (4, 8)
Line EF : E (–2, 3) and F (1, 2)
Which of the following line(s) is/are candidate for clipping?
(A) AB
(B) CD
(C) EF
(D) AB and CD

Answer: (D)


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