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UGC-NET | NTA UGC NET 2019 June – II | Question 35

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Match List-I with List-II: 

List-I                                         List-II 

(a) Prims\’s algorithm                          (i) O(V3 logV) 
(b) Dijkstra\’s algorithm                      (ii) O(VE2) 
(c) Faster all pairs shortest path     (iii) O(ElogV) 
(d) Edmonds-karp algorithm            (iv) O(V2) 


(a) – (ii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(i); (d)-(iii)


(a) – (iii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(i); (d)-(ii)


(a) – (ii); (b)-(i); (c)-(iv); (d)-(iii)


(a) – (iii); (b)-(i); (c)-(iv); (d)-(ii)

Answer: (B)


Prims algorithm: (E log V) 

Dijkstra\’s algorithm: (V^2) 

Floyd\’s warshal all- shortest path algorithm: (V^3 log V) 

Edmonds Karp algorithm: (VE^2)

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Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2021
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