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UGC-NET | NTA UGC NET 2019 June – II | Question 26

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Software validation mainly checks for inconsistencies between
(A) Use cases and user requirements
(B) Implementation and system design blueprints
(C) Detailed specifications and user requirements
(D) Function specifications and use cases

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Validation:
Validation is the process of checking whether the software product is up to the mark or in other words product has high level requirements. It is the process of checking the validation of product i.e. it checks what we are developing is the right product. it is validation of actual and expected product.
Validation is the Dynamic Testing.

Activities involved in validation:

Black box testing
White box testing
Unit testing
Integration testing

So the correct answer is option C.

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Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2021
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