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UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2017
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The company had a cutoff of 70% and was open for software and circuit branches.

Total 45 people took the test

Round 1: Round 1 comprised of 25 MCQs on hackerearth.13 of them were from core Java concepts(serializability,inheritance etc.) and rest were from geeksforgeeks puzzles.

These are a couple of questions that I can recall :

Round 2: 15 people were shortlisted for the next round. My interview lasted for 30 mins where in I had a thorough discussion on my projects. The interviewer wants to check your thought process. I was asked a machine learning problem of guessing a person’s mood given the type of songs he listens to. They understood that most of us had no experience of working on ML and they only wanted to know how we’d go about things. Like I said, they only wanted to check your thought process. After this, the interviewer asked me if I had any questions. I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of this moment. Ask intelligent questions and ask as many questions as you want to.

10 people qualified for the next round, i.e the HR round

Round 3: I was asked simple HR questions like

  1. Tell me about yourself and family
  2. Why did you chose engineering
  3. Would you be okay adjusting to a completely new city (Pune/Navi Mumbai)
  4. Any plans for further studies?

All 10 of us were finally given the offer.

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