UBS On-Campus Recruitment (For FTE)

Round 1: The first round was of 30 mcqs and 1 coding question.The mcqs consists of both technical and aptitude.The test duration was of 1 hour and 30 mins and the platform was hackerearth.Mostly the technical mcqs arent very complicated.The person with good basics can easily solve this mcqs.And a string coding question was asked which was easy.26 people got shortlisted after this round.

Round 2:

1.i was asked to introduce myself then they asked me all my projects

2.some puzzles like 9 marble one defective puzzled, how many ways you can cut a rectangle paper intlo 4 equal parts, three unlabeled baskets puzzle

3.basic coding like how many palindromic number between a range n1 and n2.

SQL queries and general discussion

23 people got shortlisted.

Round 3:This was a HR round in which i was asked to introduce myself.Then he asked me to explain my  project to him in one minute and then behavioral questions.

Extracurricular activities are discussed.

23 people got shortlisted.

Round 4: Again a HR round.

1) Tell me something about yourself.
2) Who all are in your family and what are their profession?
23) Why do you want to join UBS?

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