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UBS interview experience (on campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2018

I applied to UBS through college placement process. The process took a few days.

Round 1: Aptitude test

The first round was an aptitude test on hacker-earth platform. The test was for an hour and a half. It consisted of 15 multiple choice questions and one coding question. The MCQs comprised of questions based on quantitative ability, logical reasoning, programming concepts and snippets and OOP concepts. One or two were finance based (really easy ones, anyone can guess even if you don’t have a background in finance). The coding question was really easy. I could write the code in 5 minutes. It was on string operations. The difficulty level of the test was really easy.

Round 2: Technical interview

The technical interview was scheduled on a different day than the test. The interview went on for almost 80 minutes. The interviewers were friendly and made me feel comfortable. It started off with the usual “tell me about yourself” and “why UBS?”. They asked each and everything on my resume- from hobbies to projects. I had been a team lead of a technical club in my college, so there were a lot of questions based on the difficulties i had faced in managing the team. Certain questions were asked on OOP concepts. As I am from electronics and telecommunication, I could not answer such questions in detail. They also asked to write codes related to DS. I was asked to write a code on linked list. More than the syntax, they look for how well you can think and build up a logic. They also asked questions on DBMS. We also had a discussion on IOT and upcoming technologies and how they will transform our way of living. A few puzzles were also asked, which I could answer easily. I was soon called for the HR round while the technical round was going on for other candidates.

Round 3: HR round

The HR round was very short and went on for 15 minutes. The questions were direct and based on how much you know about the company, the role of IT in finance and so on. This also started with ‘tell me about yourself’ and the interviewer asked about my family and background. It was fun talking to the interviewer.

Even though the interviews got over soon, they kept us hanging for two days and announced the result 2 days later. What I observed was you need to be sure about your basics of programming. They don’t look for a particular language, but see how well you can think logically. All the best!

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