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UBS Grad Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020

For IT Software Engineer

Online Test Round 1: It was conducted on hackerrank platform. Everybody had to attempt 23 MCQ’s(Output based + Some on Exceptions + Theory concepts) and 1 Coding question. The code asked was similar to Find the length of a longest substring with at most K normal characters.

Around 30 Students were Shortlisted after this. CGPA was taken into account during shortlisting. (My 9.30 helped as many students answered code correctly).

Technical Round 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Projects explanation
  3. Time Complexities + Code to remove duplicate from the linked list.
  4. OOPS, concepts. (Encapsulation vs Abstraction Important)

Short and crisp.

Technical Round 2:

  • Introduction
  • JavaScript questions: Closure function + func ex(temp) return [temp] output
  • Puzzle: Cut cake into 8 pieces using 3 slices.
  • Puzzle: 4 people with 1,2,7,10 river crossing time. 1 torch. 2 people can go 1 can come back. Minimum time for all to cross (ans 17).

Tech questions now. (JAVA My First Choice Language)

  1. OOPS, concepts.
  2. Deep difference and explanation of abstraction vs encapsulation with real-time example
  3. What is a better abstract class with all abstract methods or interfaces?
  4. How and why + Garbage collection in Java and free memory if an exception occurs.
  5. Mutable and Immutable class + static class
  6. Multiple catch problems.

DBMS: SQL joins 

Finally, one code on Hackerrank code pair. 

Find maximum network size such that each member in networks should be adjacent. It should have a minimum size. It should have a minimum threshold. One array input is given with the capacity of each machine.

HR Round: Same day 10 pm

  1. Explain your journey from childhood and also tell about your family.
  2. Why UBS? Why Fintech?
  3. Explain the use of the Venn diagram model on Facebook.
  4. How did life change from Gujarat to Vellore and about hostel food discussion etc?

The results came after 2 days. 5 Students got the offer. I was one of them.

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