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Types of MANET in Computer Network
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2019

Prerequisite – MANET: Mobile Ad hoc Network
MANET stands for Mobile adhoc Network also called as wireless adhoc network or adhoc wireless network. They consist of set of mobile nodes connected wirelessly in a self configured, self healing network without having a fixed infrastructure. MANET nodes are free to move randomly as the network topology changes frequently.

Types of MANET –

  1. Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANETs) –
    Enable effective communication with another vehicle or with the roadside equipments.Intelligent vehicular ad hoc networks(InVANETs) deals with another vehicle or with the roadside euipments.

  2. Smart Phone Ad hoc Network (SPANC) –
    To create peer-to-peer network without relying on cellular carrier networks, wireless access points or traditional network infrasture.Here peer can join or leave the network without destroying it.

  3. Internet based Mobile Ad hoc Network (iMANETs) –
    It supports internet protocols such as TCP/UDP and IP. To link mobile nodes and establish routes distributed and automatically.

  4. Hub-Spoke MANET:
    Multiple sub MANET’s may be connected in hub-spoke VPN to create a geographically destributed MANET. Normal Ad-hoc routing algorithm does not apply directly.

  5. Military or Tactical MANETs –
    This is used by the military units. Emphasis on data rate, real time demand, fast re-routing during mobility, security, radio range, etc.

  6. Flying Ad hoc Network (FANETs) –
    This is composed of unmanned aerial vehicle (commonly known as drone). Provides links to remote areas and mobility.

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