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Types of EPOS System

  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2020

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) :
As name suggests, is a system comprises of computer hardware, software, peripherals. Hardware helps in functioning of computer systems and storing data, software helps one to record sales and run business more effectively, and peripherals are used to enter information into computer for storage and processing data. This computer system is responsible for performing and executing various tasks such as sales, checkouts, inventory monitoring, payments, etc. It is one of best systems that is designed to help businesses in dealing with a greater number of sales and customers. It maintains accuracy and fast processing of data. It simply records accurate data i.e., records exactly which items are sold and in turn help one to keep on top of stock levels.

Types of EPOS System :
EPOS systems are very important nowadays to maintain accurate data, increase sale,s, and performance. Each and every retailer must use the EPOS System and is usually considered key to success of retail management. Nowadays, there are several types of EPOS Systems available as given below as follows.

  1. Retail EPOS System –
    Retail EPOS System, as name suggests, is a type of EPOS system that is mainly used for retail operation and helps to manage stock, staff, data, and payments from anywhere in world. It is widely used because it can be customized according to different tasks and easily implement or integrate into a stack of business software. One of best retail EPOS system available nowadays is Eurostop. It simply improves or increases efficiency and accuracy in tracking sales, purchases, and orders as well as reduces time required to maintain manual solutions. It also consists of CRM system therefore no additional CRM system is required to be added that in turn saves time and cost.
  2. Beauty Salon EPOS System –
    Beauty Salon EPOS System, as name suggests, is a type of EPOS system that is mainly used at beauty salon, gyms, massage parlors, spas, etc. These are mainly used to provide various functions such as tracking staff commission, stock control, booking appointments, etc. It increases level of customer satisfaction as well as simplifies booking that in turn keeps customers coming back to shop. It also helps one to manage customer in easy manner with loyalty schemes, promotional offers, etc. Keep a record of customers like their name, address, e-mail address, etc.
  3. Fashion EPOS System –
    Fashion EPOS System, as name suggests, is a type of EPOS system that is mainly used at fashion stores like clothing and shoe shops, suit shops, saree shops, and any shops that come under fashion store. It is best solution for fashion business and provide improved control over stock for clothing. In simple terms, it helps one to retail fashion products in smart and modern way. It also helps one to determines sellers that are worth selling and are good for increasing sales as well as streamline process and increase productivity.
  4. Hospitality EPOS System –
    Hospitality EPOS System, as name suggests, is a type of EPOS system that is mainly used to maintain accuracy, flexibility and helps one to handle and maintain each and every complex transaction without any fault. These systems are designed to reduce cost and maximize profit. These are mostly used at medium to large size cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. It provides same profit to both small and large business at price can afford. Types of such systems can be Tablet Cash Register system, Kitchen Video Management System, Restaurant EPOS Systems, etc.
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